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Evans Army Community Hospital, Ft. Carson, Colorado

Federal Healthcare Design-Build Specialists

Royce Construction Services is an award-winning design-build company. We offer the best-in-class design and construction services nationwide with a focus on federal government healthcare and laboratory facilities. Since the company’s establishment in 2010, RCS has expanded its offices across the country to provide critical design, construction and renovation services in support of the federal mission around the world.

RCS’ design-build and self-performing capabilities enable the company to fulfill the project’s scope and requirements, on schedule and within budget. We deliver the best value to our clients with innovative solutions, proactive risk mitigation, rigorous infection control and safety procedures, and effective project management. Our past performances highlight our experience in active environments. Healthcare providers and medical laboratories require modern, code compliant infrastructure that fully adheres to UFC 4-510-01. 

Our mission is to improve the healthcare-treatment environment for service members, veterans, their families, and their caregivers by delivering the best-in-class design, construction, and renovation services for federal healthcare facilities and laboratories.

Design-Build Project Management Team

Our most important asset is our people. Our project management field team is unmatched for their experience, flexibility, and steadfast dedication to provide quality deliverables. This is evident in each project RCS delivers at a federal government healthcare facility or laboratory.

Steve Byrnes

Doug Gibson

Arafath Hussain

James Martin

Tosin Osho

Sharon Owens

Will Domangue

Duane Gilray

Ard Magnuson

Kelly Martin

Joe Reffner

Don Witter

Matt Donnelly, RA

Kevin Hamilton

Devon Martin

Tracy Morin

Steven Spellman


Royce Construction Services’ project management field team have the certifications necessary to maintain high standards of competency and safety. 

CertificationAbout the Certification
ASHE Healthcare Construction (HCC)Comprehensive risk management to critical topics in health care construction and renovation, including: the health care planning, design and construction process; Life Safety Code® compliance; construction risk assessment (including general risks and a special focus on infection risks); mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems (MEP); medical gas systems; medical technology; and project expectations.
USACE Construction Quality Management for Contractors (CQM-C)The QC/QA system successfully used by USACE and NAVFAC. Concepts are increasingly being adopted by state agencies, public authorities and other local public sector owners. These detail planning concepts, which are prevention-oriented to reduce tear-out, improve quality and improve schedule.
OSHA 30-HourComprehensive safety program designed for anyone involved in the construction industry to ensure our team members promote workplace safety and reduce health hazards.
Red Cross CPR/First AidTraining to assess the situation and mitigate individual risks in the unlikely event of accidents.
EM 385-1-1Comprehensive knowledge of U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and DoD regulations qualifies our team to provide a safe environment for personnel and facility occupants.
OPSEC TrainingProtection of critical information deemed mission-essential from military commanders, senior leaders, management, or other decision-making bodies.
AT Level 1Compliance training permits our team to complete essential work on active military medical facilities.

Core Values

Lasting, positive relationships are the foundation of our business. Therefore, one of our main efforts is for our clients to feel that our staff is committed to their needs. Our design and trade partners should want to work with no other firm. Our employees feel positively compelled to stay with our company for many years to come. Above all else, Royce Construction Services values strong, committed relationships with everyone we work with. Collectively, we deliver better projects when we have fostered better relationships.

2022 RCS Project Manager's Conference

Continuous Improvement
Our team is recognized for devising creative solutions for the most complex issues. We seek out the most obscure projects and develop innovative solutions. We are driven to streamlining our construction and business operations to continually improve the quality of our work and to efficiently enhance customer value.

Royce Construction Services is dedicated to honesty, reliability and responsibility. We will never compromise our integrity for the sake of profit or schedule. Our integrity is just too valuable. Our ethical standards are extremely high, and we will tolerate nothing less. RCS is working to change the healthcare construction industry for the better, one client at a time.

Royce Construction Services’ teams maintain essential certifications and exceed the industry safety regulations to ensure the safety and security of our team, trade partners, clients and facility occupants. Due to our rigorous training, certifications, and risk management strategies, we can confidently secure the safety of the job site.

Our current EMR is 0.93.